"Because of Clark's help, we have been able to pay off my car a year early, approximately $5,000! My husband and I have been able to pay off all our credit cards as well. This has allowed us to start putting that amount of money towards our $30,000 student loan. We have been so fortunate to come in contact with Clark.”


Hi, I’m Clark Bradley, and I help people like you by providing the step-by-step actions you need to pay off debt and live financially free. If you've been stressed about money, overwhelmed by monthly payments, or feeling hopeless about your financial future, I know exactly how to help! 

During our coaching, I take the guesswork out of money so you can pay off debt and gain an understanding of what you need to do with your money. The result? You get the gift of FEELING FINANCIALLY FREE and the exciting potential of growing your wealth.


When you are living paycheck to paycheck, it can be overwhelming. 


Right now, you might be thinking:

I’ve heard all of these questions before…I’ve even asked them myself. The thing is, you have been trying to do this yourself for a while and it isn't working. I will help give you the exact steps you personally need to find extra money, pay off your debt and invest in your future.

Invest in yourself. Your knowledge is the engine of your wealth. 

~Warren Buffett

1-On-1 Coaching is for you if you’ve felt the frustration of


and if you’re ready to:


✔ Address Your Top Money Concerns


✔ Set & Achieve Your Financial Goals


✔ Get A Clear List Of Action Steps


✔ Determine The Best Ways To Tackle Your Debt


✔ Establish A Long Term Plan To Creating Wealth


✔ Be Held Accountable While Staying Motivated 


If you’re nodding your head yes while you're thinking about how to pay your next bill, stick with me because I want to show you what is possible for you. With 1-on-1 coaching, I will walk you through the steps to take so you can go from overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly worried to excited, confident, and finally making progress so you gain the confidence of knowing how to live financially free.

By the End of Our Coaching, You Will Have...

But above all else…

1-On-1 Coaching will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently give you the gift that keeps on giving — the foundation that will fuel your debt payoff and ability to build a life of financial freedom and wealth!

The Debt Free 1-On-1 Coaching will Transform Your Life

"Clark provided me ways to begin chipping away at my debt without sacrificing what I enjoy doing. He also gave me a great structure in terms of how much of my income should be going toward savings, bills, and debt. It has helped me create a plan and has helped me feel secure in how I choose to spend my money now."


What's Included in the Coaching Calls


Frequently Asked Questions

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